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Board of Directors

The Tallgrass Homeowners Association, Inc. is a non-profit IL corporation and is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of five persons duly elected by fellow homeowners of the association.  The Board, in turn, may appoint various homeowners to serve on committees.  All Board of Directors positions are two year terms of service. The association is managed by the property management company as a Common Interest Community. 
All Board members act on a volunteer basis and receive no remuneration for their service. On June 10 , 2014 the Board adopted the rule that each Board Member must attend 7.0 hours of training annually. All Association Board Members receive training from the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the Association of Condos, Townhouse & Homeowners Associations (ACTHA).  

Steve Siatta
Board President
Steve brings years of expertise as Board President, and in his first years of service, helped manage our association through trying times of economic and community relations challenges.  Steve always wanted the Association to be relevant again to the Tallgrass Community. He has dedicated himself to community service and getting the job done right.  It’s not easy being on a HOA board, but it is rewarding when you can help out fellow homeowners while improving the community surroundings at the same time.  This association is about community service; while managing daily challenges to do  the very best job you can for all the subdivision owners.
Steve leads the board in helping to restore and repair the common areas, and provides strong leadership as an equal partner for our community.  He is committed to seeing that the native wetland areas continue to prosper under the long term restoration work begun under his watch. 
Mr Siatta believes the long term capital funding of our reserve fund is critical, to protect homeowners from any catastrophic event or unexpected expenses that may occur.   Our homes are where our family lives, and this community is the centerpiece where 269 lot owners & families live together as one.  He continues to see the community thrive following tough economic times, with home prices starting to rise as the real estate market turned around.  Most homeowners here have made a big investment on their homes and community so, as a Board member  Steve is committed to representing the community's best interest.  The board works very hard with a lot of planning to get proven results. Steve is committed to contributing to this worthy cause in a positive manner and believes the association is a business that needs to be run like one and not have personal feelings or opinions affect the day to day operations of the homeowners’ association.  Steve's ideal is to live in a community where our homeowners and our community matters!

Steve Gewartowski
Association Treasurer

Steve has been a Tallgrass Homeowner since 1992.  Steve offers more than 25 years experience with a Not-for-Profit organization both in a financial & key leadership role managing an annual budget of $17M.  Mr Gewartowski attended Northeastern University with a BS in Accountancy.
Steve has been a community volunteer for many years, lending a helping hand to others, working with special needs kids and adults, & at his church events.  
Steve has achieved the Dedicated Community Association Leader (DCAL) certification through the Community Associations Institute & pursued additional training through ACTHA for legal law training, foreclosure management, and community relations for the association. 

Steve has been active in current community issues and has a realistic view of the Tallgrass homeowners home property values, rising property tax problems, while encouraging a positive community focus moving forward. 
Steve brings oversight, smart budgeting, & establishing checks with balances to protect our association’s financial good health long term.


Liz Kopitke
Association Secretary
Liz has been a Tallgrass Homeowner since 2014 and has a husband and two children.  She began volunteering for community events, including the Egg Hunt, and was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board as a Director in July 2016. She took over the Secretary position in 2019.
She has achieved the Dedicated Community Association Leader (DCAL) certification through the Community Associations Institute and is committed to informed leadership of the Tallgrass Homeowners Association.
Liz remains focused on bringing the community together through social events, as well as engaging homeowners via the newsletter. As a professional scientist, she is especially attuned to the logical and ethical application of federal, state and local laws, HOA rules, and common sense to the business of running the association.
Tom Martin
Association Director
6/2014 to 2017
Tom is an original homeowner since 1993.  Tom and his wife Mary are the proud parents of four sons and eight grand children.  Tom became interested in our community association and he wanted to add his business insights, values & beliefs to represent the whole Tallgrass community of homeowners.  The association is very proud to have him on board!      
Association Director
position vacant
  Website & Newsletter Committee   
Tom Martin   Liz Kopitke
  Community & Social Events Volunteers  
Liz Kopitke Shannon Emerson  Ashley McLaughlin
Angela Costanza Chaitali Patel Tamarah Holm
  Homeowner Advisory Committee  
  Mary Martin 
Anne Kubick John McGuire
  Nilesh Patel
 Community Special Events Committee  (4): The mission of the Community Events Committee is to coordinate a variety of neighborhood-wide events throughout the year, to bring residents together in an entertaining social setting.   In addition, the Committee oversees the activities of various facilitates the neighborhood garage sales, Easter Egg Hunt & Annual Home Owners meetings.  This is an all-volunteer committee made up of TALLGRASS residents, has a chairperson for each event, and a chairperson who oversees the committee.
Community Website &  Newsletter Committee (4): The mission of the Community Website Committee is to manage and oversee material  & text content for the Association website throughout the year. Committee member must be commitment to monitoring a variety of neighborhood-active boards throughout the website. Committee members must be commitment to meeting deadlines for newsletters release for neighborhood website & some direct mailing to certain residents. This is an all-volunteer committee made up of TALLGRASS residents while being overseen by the Association Treasurer.
Community By-Laws & Rules Committee  (4): The mission of the home owner's association to update, develop, & write & update association to reflect need community needs as needed by the board.  Oversee the material & text content for the Association website through the year. Committee Member meets three times a year to review changes & rewrites. It is an all-volunteer committee made up of TALLGRASS residents while being overseen by the Vice President.