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Wetland Path Rules

 MARCH 15TH THROUGH November 15TH.
The Sundance Nature Trail & Observatory areas are for the nonprofit residential, recreational, and scientific wetland educational use.  The main entrance is located adjacent to Sundance Drive, the main entrance will include interpretive signage exhibits, future educational programs, a native wetland gardens, nature trail, wetland observatory areas of live native birds, hawks, ducks and other critters. The observatory offers seasonal night sky and solar viewing on special arranged evenings by the association.  The Sundance and Castlewood observation areas are photo camera protected & enforced.   We are currently completed the Sundance wetland observation area in 2013 and will complete both castlewood rest areas in 2014.
The Pathway following rules are adopted by the Tallgrass HOA Board of Directors and shall be adhered to by all HOA members and guests:
Safety First!
 • Stay on surfaced paths and permitted areas only.
    The nature pathways and observation areas of Tallgrass native areas
     are for the use of all Tallgrass homeowners only.
• Trails are open from sunrise and close at dusk.  Nature paths are closed
    from December 1st to March 1st. Be careful not to stop on the pathway
    without obstructing other pedestrian traffic throughway.
• These are pedestrian use and observation areas only. No running, skate
    boarding, roller blading, biking, horseback riding, boating or fishing,
    ice hockey or ice skating, or swimming .
• Pedestrians and people walking  have right-of-way on nature paths
   and at roadway crossings.
• The community observation area on Sundance Drive is available for use
   by only HOA owner s and their invited guests only.
   (see additional rules below)
   The use of beach chairs on the  wetland observation area is permitted as
   long as it does not interfere any with the native plant growth area, or
   any use of the area by other homeowners.
• Homeowners are responsible for any damage caused to wetlands
   observation area, nature  pathways, including attached equipment,
   signage, animal waste stations, or native plants areas. This includes
   littering, trash dumping, waste yard materials, and or recycled goods.
• All Pets must be secured with a leash and controlled at all times
  by owners while in wetlands areas.
• Pet waste must be cleaned up by owners when using any of the
   trails or wetland observation  areas immediately.
• No Smoking or littering which is strictly prohibited on paths,
   roads and common areas.
• No Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any nature area,
   including being consumed on the pathway or observation area
   or premises at anytime by anyone.
• The pathway may not be used for picnicking or sunbathing.
  Beach chairs and/or equipment shall not be used or stored
  on the pathway conversation easement areas.
• Fires , fire pits, and/or fireworks shall not be allowed on the
   pathway or any wetland  observation area, provided however,
   that lot owners of lots adjacent to the wetlands may not
   discharge any fireworks into the wetlands ponds,
   or any native buffers protected premises.
• Children need to accompanied by homeowners when in
   use in these easement & wetlands common areas.
• Finally all Tallgrass lot owners are responsible for ensuring
   that members of their families,  their tenants, visitors,
   friends and employees abide by these rules equally.
The Rules have been established in accordance with the governing documents
and bylaws of the Tallgrass Home Owner’s Association
(hereinafter referred to as Easements & Community rules),
incorporated in terms of articles of declarations document including Article 6
and Sections 4.1 through 5.9 (c) for easement use.
These Rules are binding upon all occupants of the common association lot owners
as prescribed, as is any decision taken by the Directors in interpreting these Rules.
These rules are in addition to the community active rules adopted in March 2012 by the board.
These Rules are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the Board
of Directors. The decision of the Board of Directors is final and binding in respect of the interpretation of these rules.   The Tallgrass Lot owners are responsible for ensuring that members of their families, their tenants, visitors, friends and employees abide by these rules equally.   These Rules are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the Board of Directors and will be duly noted to all residents.