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Association Dues:
  • chevron_rightWhen do we need to pay our Annual Home Owner Association Dues by?
    You must pay them by mailing in reciept with payment by November 30th.   Assoication dues are $230.00 per year.   After the grace period,  a $45 per month late fees apply for  30 days late and $75 for 60 days late for outstanding dues that are owned.   After 90 days, the overdue fee is turned over for legal collections with an addtional assoication $150 legal turn over fee.
    You are welcome to conduct Association vendor as long as it is for your own personal use for your property.  Association contracted vendors are strictly prohibits from talking to any resident about association business contracted business services, or related projects. If you have questions, please contact the Association Board President or our Property Management Company directly to discuss the matter.
  • chevron_rightCan I speak up during a board meeting taken place:
    No. The only time you can speak up during the quarterly board meeting, or annual meeting  is when time on the allotted during the question and answer session. The board meeting have a set of rigid procedures and protocol meeting standards that now need to be followed.  The board appreciates your feedback but please make your comment during the question and answer section.  This way we board can conducts it business while giving an open forum at the end of the meeting.
  • chevron_rightHow offen does the Board of Directors have a meeting?
    The Board of Directors meets four times a year.  The Illinois Common Interest Act was passed by and signed into law on August 1, 2010. The law requires & provides a defined operational process for common interest communities like Tallgrass. Specifically the 18.5 Section of the Illinois Condominium Property Act was modified to requires our board to meet every 90 days, or meet 4 times a year to discuss association business.  The floor discussion at regular board meetings are optional based on the time and length meeting but the board can offer an open floor process at these regular meetings. one meeting is for the annual and the other are scheduled Board of Directors Meeting.
  • chevron_rightWho do I log a complaint with on a resident problem or repair issue in Tallgrass Development?
    You can email the President or related Boards of the Association to lodge a complaint. The email addresses are located on this site on the Contact Us section.
    The President or THOA Member will advise you to also contact the Village of Bartlett depending on the related complaint, in most cases  we have nothing to do with TALLGRASS oversite on village related matters.
    If you would like to write a letter to the Board, please mail all correspondence to Tallgrass Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 8388, Bartlett, IL 60103.
    Yes, you can. We encourage every homeowners' to get involved here because it helps making the running of association a lot easier .  You can help out in many ways by offering services to in a number of ways.  Annual application are mailled out or provide via the document section.
    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board or participating on the Events committee, . Your request can be filed directly with Williamson Management company. The assoication has information on the website for committees, . The Assoication now mail out annual Board of Directors applications and proxy vote ballots to every residentsin the fall. Please fill them then.  Please contact the President either by e-mail though this site on the "Contact US" Section.
  • chevron_rightCan we get rid of the Home owners Association.
    No, We are legal originated non for profit corporation that was set up between the Village of Bartlett and the developer when it was build back in the 1990's.  The Association stays in perpetuity to the wetlands and all the homes, thus in our development the association remains in place as legally long as Tallgrass development exist..
  • chevron_rightDo Home Owners have voting rights?
    Yes.  Tallgrass residents get one vote per lot owner.  Please fill out your proxy vote ballot and mailthem or attend the Annual Meeting of the Assoication held in November.
  • chevron_rightDo I have to pay an annual Home Owners Assessment?
    Yes!   Every owner is required to pay a yearly assessment imposed by the Association. These funds are used for the Common Expenses of the Association. These expenses are incurred in the administration, management, reserve funding, maintenance, and operation of Tallgrass Subdivision.
    The current assessment is $200.00 per-lot, per-year. The assessments are due yearly in on the first (1st) day of January. A late charge of $45.00 is imposed if the payments are not received by the thirty-first (31st) day of January. A NSF Charge of $50.00 is charged for any bounced check
    McGill Management will make every reasonable effort to provide you with a statement by late December.  However, failure to receive a bill does not exempt you from paying your assessments. All dues need to be mailed or paid online by January 31st.    It is mandatory and not optional.
  • chevron_rightDoes the Homeowner Association have the right to enforce rules.
    Yes, the homeowners association hold the right to enforce all governing document and assigned rules of the association.  This is protect all homeowners from unwanted or unnecessary  hardship.  We will defer to Village of Bartlett on Codes Violations or Law Enforcement Criminal Matters but when it come subdivision on wetlands and  common interest areas management, the home owner's association has full control and enforcement rights.
  • chevron_rightI receive legal collections notice in the mail by the association legal firm.
    The Association cannot provide legal advice or comment on the majority of the questions homeowners have.   We have been advised to direct all questions to Stuart Fullett. Fullet, Rosenlund & Anderson. T: 847-259-5100 or access thier website at  http://www.ffrlaw.com/index.htm    Please call or repsond directly to them asap.  Once the collection is assigned, there is nothing the board can do to reverse it.  These  Associaton Lawyers will advise the associations on any by-law, title change, foreclosure notices, lawsuits, court rulings related actions or collections on behalf of the assocaition.
  • chevron_rightWhat happens if I don't pay my assessment on time or at all!
    If you do not pay your dues on time, we will assess a late fee in the first month that dues are late of $45.  We will reissue an updated dues notice reflecting the new balance due in February. If the dues are not paid by February 28, we will assess another late fee of $75.
    If the dues are not paid by March 31, we will issue a notice of warning to the resident with an additional certified mail fee of $100.00 letting the resident know that we will be forced to remit their name to our attorneys for collections. After April 1st, a $150.00 turnover fee will apply for each there after until it's either paid in full, or turn over for collections.  TALLGRASS HOA will remit all unpaid balances to our attorneys and the homeowner will be liable for all attorney’s fees that are assessed after that point.
    Failure to pay assessments may result in a lien on the delinquent property and legal action to collect the past due amounts. While the Home Owner Association prefers not to take these actions, they are required under the terms of the Declaration & By Laws.
  • chevron_rightWhen is the Regular Annual Home Meetings Held!
    Our annual meeting is held the third Tuesday or Thursday in November at 7pm. We will send a meeting notice out around the beginning of November to remind everyone.
    Every resident will recive a mailed letter & email notice about the meeting and provide the location for the meeting. In addition, we will post signs regarding the meeting near the entrances to the subdivision.
    We intend on having quarterly meetings to allow homeowners opportunities to raise issues that may arise throughout the year. Again, notice will be sent to the address of record.  Please check this website for more information on future meeting being conducted.
    The Association Treasurer along with the Board of Directors.   It is presented for formal approval at the Annual Board  Meeting.  The board approved budget is  mailed out to all homeowners' proir to the annual meeting.
  • chevron_rightWho do we notify if we are new residents of Tallgrass.
    You will be given a copy of Bi-Laws at your closing!  McGill will notify us too after 60 days.   You will need to sign up on this site or notify us through the "Contact Us" section of this site. Be sure to sign and fill up the basic information on our website.
    McGill Management will send the association board member designate the name of the new owners with one week of moving  into the residence.  We will verify spelling of your names and the address of the home you purchased. 
  • chevron_rightCan I bring my proxy vote to the Annual HOA Meeting
    You should either mail in your proxy vote ballot before the due date required in the letter sent to . If you show up at the meeting., you will be given a new ballot to fill out then.   The mail in ballots and voting ballots will have new bard codes on them and requires the management company to track the quorum meeting requirement by our governing documents.
  • chevron_rightWhat should I do when I received proxy ballot in the mail!
    Please fill out and mail in to the McGill Management . Att: Cynthia MillerProxy Ballot are critical for the annual Meeting Voting standards be held.  Tallgrass Govening Documents requires that 51% of the homeowners be present by a combination of mailed in proxy ballots and attending homeowners.  If not , we must recall the meeting.  Thus more expenses.
  • chevron_rightCan I rent out my home here in Tallgrass?
    Yes you can.  Currently there is no rental limit. The Board of Directors does require the owners to notify contact information.  A copy of the lease must be on file with the property management company.  The owners is liabile for any damages or rules violations of the renting parting.   If you rent your home, be sure to contact Williamson Management with a forwarding address so all dues notices and meeting notices may be sent to the proper location. Otherwise, the dues notice may get lost and you may be liable for late fees and potentially collection fees. You need to pay our assoication dues on time!
  • chevron_rightWe just sold our Home, What do we need to notify the Association.
    Yes!    Be sure to call/e-mail Williamson Management, Inc., 1 weeks prior to your projected closing date to ask for a paid dues letter. There is section on this website with instructions..
    Your attorney may request a copy of the by-laws, declaration, and resolution. See below on how to request these documents. Be aware that if you attempt to contact Williamson Management fairly close to the closing date, you run the risk of not getting these documents in time for your closing
    The Village of Bartlett has strict guidelines for snow removal off the common side walks areas.  Individual home owners must clears the sidewalks within 24 hours of major snow or  make reasonable effort to maintain a clear walking areas.   The Village will enforce through the Code Enforcement Officers for the village or police department personnel too.
  • chevron_rightWhat other Special Event does Tallgrass offer?
    At this time, we have an Easter egg hunt for the kids with an appearance by the Easter Bunny.
    There are discussions in place about having a Block Party (if funds provide) in conjunction with the National Night Out event in Bartlett. This event is for everyone to attend.
  • chevron_rightI need a copy of the Association Bi-Laws & Rules?
    In order to obtain a copy of the by-laws, declaration, and/or resolution, e-mail any board member or log on to the Association Website Association. Or you can review them on line by clicking on the document section with an appropriate link on this site.  You can print them out or download them from this website as well. 
  • chevron_rightCan a resident be fined for dumping grass or waste material in either wetlands area.
    Yes, there are stiff fines in place to enforce any dumping of yard waste,  water drainage issues, or  common trash items from residents. 
  • chevron_rightCan I put a private Garden, plant bushes in the buffer zone of the wetlands?
    NO!  this is a federally and state protected wetland.  The buffer zone varies depending actual lot owners site.  Any private gardens, planting with in these areas are totally resticted to which any violations are found.  The lot or home owner will be notified to remove items form this area with 30 days, or have them remove by an asinged paid outside vendor at the owners expense back to the association.
    In addition, all home owners are required to have a 5ft wide easement zone from the end of the property line perimeter especially in the wetland areas.  Cutting down of any weeds or plant life is strictly prohibited. 
    The wetlands are the responsibility of Tallgrass Home owner Association in this subdivision.  Consequently, we are now required to maintain them ewith a certified outside vendor.
    NO!  WETLANDS  ARE OFF LIMITS TO ALL RESIDENTS & VISITORS For Playing, Fishing, Ice Skating, Camping, etc...   It's just for the wildlife use only!
  • chevron_rightCan residents release fish or animals into the wetlands areas?
    NO !  It's against Village Code and Common sense to do so. The wetlands must be maintained by the Association and the outside assigned wetlands contractors to manage these areas. These area are for the native wild life species that call this there home.
  • chevron_rightHow Much of the annual dues are applied to the annual wetlands maintenance?
    Between 30% to 40 % of all dues collected are used to pay for the maintenance of the current two wetlands protected areas.  The remaining balance are applied in the front entrance landscaping, reserve funds to pay for future replenishment of capital improvements, McGill office expenses, legal collection & action fees, newsletters, printing  &  mailings, storage unit, the website, and social events throughout the year. please refer  to our Treasuere reports for detailed correct information.
  • chevron_rightHow oftern are Controlled burn done on the wetlands
    We are prescribed burn conducted by a professional certified wetlands contractor. Usually are conducted every other year.  Numberous factors including regulatory controls, weather conditions and time of year play major if a spring or fall burn is conducted. The Board of Directors decides with professional advice of the vendor. The Village of Bartlett only provides two weeks approval windows at a tie to conduct a control.  Since 2009, the association has filed a 5 year restoration plan, which is really a 6 year plan for repair and restore the damage done by years of benign neglect of the past.
  • chevron_rightWhy is the Home Owner Association required to maintain the Wetlands?
    The wetlands are the responsibility of every homeowner that lives in Tallgrass subdivision upon purchasing a home in the subdivision. The builder, Town & Country, Army Corp of Engineers and The Dupage County Wetland Preservation District formed the wetlands as a requirement upon destroying the waterway that went through the area in order to build the subdivision.  The County has direct jurisdiction over wetlands operation and then the Army Corp of Engineers!
    Consequently, we are now required to maintain them. In addition, a poorly maintained wetland can lead to the deterioration of property values in a subdivision.